Ruling DPP Fooled As Bushiri’s Spy Join It: Ruling Party Marketing Party Which Does Not Exist

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party has been fooled and being played by  South African based trickster of Malawi origin Shepherd Bushiri, with the later being the joining of Bushiri operatives into the ruling party as a way of spying on it, and to get close to the DPP inner circle with ill motives.

DEPECO members have joined the ruling party with one of its senior guys Smolet Kachere leading the team of spies under Bushiri’s instructions.

Bushiri is playing his cards well by trying to fool the ruling party as being supportive to them while on the other hand he has a bad mission to accomplish once he gets close to the DPP machinery.

DEPECO is a party which is run by Chris Daza, a spiritual confidant of Bushiri and he is the one who funds its operations.