Malawi Congress Party Senior Officials Face Arrest For Conspiracy

Several senior members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) face possible arrests following claims by government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi that government has reports that they have been conspiring against government to fix maize prices.

Speaking to Nyasatimes, Dausi said the MCP members have been conspiring with maize vendors to cause an artificial maize shortage in the country so as to influence an unjustified price increase as a way of engineering civil unrest to unseat the DPP government.

According to Dausi, government has received intelligence information that some well-known members of the Malawi Congress Party have been meeting in Lilongwe where they agreed to pressure government into reduce the price of Maize to enable vendors buy all the maize has in stock so that the vendors can later offer it to ordinary Malawians at K18,500.

Currently a bag of fifty Kilograms of maize is going at MK 12,500.

The Minister of Information who doubles as government spokesperson said most of the vendors listed in the report have links to MCP members of Parliament including the party President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

‘‘I can without fear of illogicality, confirm that we have been briefed about that strategy, but as government we are ready to expose them and it shall not come to pass’’, said Dausi.

Dausi, himself a former spy under the MCP administration said according to their sources, the opposition’s plan is take advantage of their numbers in the national assembly to ambush the government side, move a private members motion resolving that the price of maize be reduced from MK12,500.00 to MK 8,000.00.

‘‘In their tyrannical wisdom, they think the DPP government is so naïve in the government statecraft such that we can gaze at them executing their repugnant plan without as taking action. We know their modus operandi, and they will not triumph’’, added Dausi.

Asked to comment on comments that the intelligence report is bogus and a DPP government ploy to arrest MCP leaders on triumphed up charges, Dausi was elusive.

‘‘Who says its bogus? Wait and see..The report is being analysed by experts to see if there are criminal fundamentals in what these honorable members were planning. Because when you at it in totally, it looks like the MCP member’s gland plan was to bring down a lawfully constituted government. So, let’s cross the bridge when we get there’’,he retorted.