Bushiri’s Only Miracle At BICC Was Making Sex Machine Justice Hara ‘Jesus’

Bushiri claims he is God
Bushiri claims he is God

The accelerated return of the Lord Jesus seems to draw quite quickly as his words and final message keeps being proven when Malawians who chose to converge at the BICC for the Trumpet for Prophet could have not believed it, as controversial and shoddy Prophet Shepard Bushiri labelled a libidious fellow skirt chaser “almost Jesus” as he was anointed  God and he is as Jesus since he is like the Bible. 1 John 1 specifically states that in the beginning was the word, and the word is God.

Bushiri in his own words posted on Hara’s facebook states, “Be careful when you are with him, you cant read the bible when you put it close to your face, in the same way you cant read this man of god as you are close to him!” The startling statement comes in the heels when a woman-in-sex business recently exposed Hara’s sexual explicit message and claimed the “self-acclaimed Prophet” had sent met to ambush her to get a phone where nude photos were believed to have been taken.

Bushiri himself left Malawi after a controversial court case which he denied impregnating a 16 year old girl after months of relationships and refused DNA test.

Hara Doing What He Knows Best

Our reporters at Mzimba boma where the girl resides claim the boy is a carbon copy of the Prophet. Hara who had to shift his Trumpet of the Prophet session to BICC at the request of Bushiri whose church in Malawi is disarray after realised that he has been lying to them of funds to build churches and businesses which have not been forthcoming.

“The jets and cruises are no longer there, funds have dwindled as many are leaving realising we were sold a dummy. Now we cant trust him so he is using Hara as his platform. He had to fire many people in South Africa as he cant pay them,” confided a church elder who said most members of the ECG had left the church after hearing Hara will be their leader in Malawi.

But Bushiri continued during the ceremony endorsing his appointed leader in Malawi, “This man of god Snr Prophet Justice is a might man of god. God himself anointed this man not internet or whatever you may call it which speak/write bad about him.

Hara At Work

“I argue the nation of Malawi to make good use of this man of god, if you do not accept and respect him time will come god will send him to another country.”

Bushiris arrival is expected to include a performance at his in law and rapper Duncan Gwamba Zgambo album launch at the same venue.

Gwamba who lives in posh Area 47 what is now known as “big brother house for sex marathon” hosted, was recently seen boozing at the lake and surely the anointing of alcohol is expected to fill the album launch. He almost has an accident in his drunken stupor claiming was an assassination attempt….. keep tuned for more live coverage.

Mathew 7 verse 16: By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?