Mutharika Becomes A Darling Of Many: Falsehood Makes Him Hero

President Peter Mutharika is reported enjoying massive support from millions of Malawians who never were part of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), upon learning that Malawi Congress Party, Peoples Party and some agents of the devil followers were spreading falsehood claiming that he was dead.

When the news by DPP critics broke that Mutharika was reported sick and later dead as reported on social media, many Malawians build up interest to follow current affairs with an aim of knowing if it was true that the President was unwell and later dead.

The devils agents tried all they could to make Malawians believe that the President was no more, putting fear in many Malawians who never believed that how could that fit President of Malawi just die like that.

Upon announcement that Mutharika was returning home, the opposition again started spreading rumours that Mutharika was to arrive either at night so that people should not see his dead body or be brought home by an air ambulance.

On Sunday,thousands of Malawians stormed Kamuzu International Airport to see for themself if indeed Mutharika was dead or alive. They kept waiting patiently and when the jet arrived and Mutharika alighted from the plane, there was jubilation, tears of joy, singing and dancing among all those who went to the airport to see it for themselves for there had been so much speculations.

Having known that Malawians finally knew that all what they heard from opposition and other media houses were just mere lies, these people started saying Mutharika had partial paralysis , his right side not working and he was not in a position to speak and as such, he had to resign.

This was another falsehood and a contradiction as in the first place, these people propagated that President Mutharika had a tumour in his head which was operated on,this later also was established to be a lie when Mutharika arrived back home not even with a scar in the head.

Just yesterday, State House made an announcement that Mutharika is expected to hold a press conference in Lilongwe ,this has victimised the opposition further for their lies that Mutharika can’t speak have been crushed.Malawians are now able to know that their President is indeed back home and able to execute his duties.

Malawians have finally realized that the opposition in the country is so childish, they have denied to be fooled and as a result, many people have now resorted to supporting Peter Mutharika and his DPP led government because of the silly mistake that our opposition did of wanting their leaders bad luck instead of providing solutions and working together with the government to improve the well being of Malawians.