Malawi Devilish Opposition, JB…Bushiri Mercenaries Humbled: Fake Prophecy Fails To Pass

Chakwera,Bushir,Joyce Banda shamed
Chakwera,Bushir,Joyce Banda shamed

Malawi devilish opposition with their partner in crime Shepherd Bushiri along with Joyce Banda have been humbled and put to shame by the almighty God, with their propaganda that Mutharika is dead failing to do the magic leaving their mouths shut.

It has been established that the fake prophecy which was made by Karonga based fake Prophet under the instructions from Shepherd Bushiri and was widely shared on social media has failed to pass and deleted from facebook,just few minutes when an official communication was made that Malawi President Mutharika is expected back home on October 16,2016.

The fake Prophecy was made by Karonga based fake man of god, Rex Kalolo who fools some misguided Malawians by running a church called Altar of Liberty, Church of All Nations.

For the past week, the self acclaimed man of god who graduated from Bushiri’s school of crockery namely Enlightened Christian Gathering was making facebook posts claiming that Mutharika was ill, he had been a tumor and that Malawi was soon to weep and lower it’s flag with the death of her leader.

this man of the devil claimed that him alone was in a position to save the situation Malawi was to be into, he added that his god clearly told him that Mutharika by all means was not to escape his prophecy and warned all those were against his night mare.

Just after State House released a statement about the coming of Mutharika, the man of god rushed to delete his posts but it was too late as many Malawians had screen shots of what he had been writing.