Critics Left Speechless As Mutharika Says Fit And Coming Back Home

I'm going strong
I’m going strong

President Arthur Peter Mutharika continues to enjoy a clean bill of health contrary to rumours being spread around that he is receiving treatment in the United States, says a senior government official.

The President has been in the US for close to a month where he has had a tight schedule that included the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and many other high profile meetings at the sidelines of the global summit.

His prolonged stay after the UNGA has been deliberately and maliciously been manipulated by his political detractors who are now busy spreading rumours of him being sick.

However, government has continuously clarified to the public that President Mutharika’s health is just fine and there is no need for alarm.

“People love to make a mole out of an anthill. The President continues to enjoy a clean bill of health just as he has been for many years. It is careless for some people to spread information that only aims to mislead Malawians and damage the reputation of government,” said a senior government official who did not want to be named as he is not official spokeperson of the government.
He further confirmed that President Mutharika will return to Malawi any day this week as he has exhausted all crucial meetings he was holding mainly with potential investors and Malawians living in the US.

The source added that he has been speaking to the President on daily basis in relation to his work in the line ministry.

The opposition bloc led by Joyce Banda and Lazarus Chakwera have resolved to employ dirty tactics to try and discredit APM’s personality and government. This they do as a reaction to the fear factor based on reality that they cannot remove APM from power through the ballot.

On top of the political opposition other people that have drummed the false rumours are Allan Ntata who after working with President Mutharika for the first 11 months of his rule but was sent packing due to his financial malpractices in dealing with oil investors.

Also on the list are economist and MCP sympathizer Henry Kachaje and Rafiq Hajat, both of whom have been pestering the President asking for top positions in government parastatals but to no avail.

Another surprise package on list of those wishing President Mutharika dead include Prophet Shepard Bushiri who through his news website Malawi Punch has written about the president’s purported ill health.

President Mutharika has been applauded by many for handling his affairs with maturity and not confronting his political enemies who spend sleepless nights fighting his administration.


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