Bushiri Angered By Unima Students; Tells Them To Return His Money Or Back In The Streets With Riots

South African based ‘profit’ and trickster of Malawi origin, Shepherd Bushiri is reportedly to have been angered with some University of Malawi students who had been collecting money from him to cause riots in the cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Zomba for not achieving what they had earlier promised him.

According to some of the students who had been involved in the planning of how University of Malawi Colleges had to put business to a standstill in Malawi by holding vigils, burning tires and closing roads in the three major cities, Bushiri had been working closely with some politicians under the instruction of former President Joyce Banda and MCP’s Jessie Kabwila to make sure that all Unima colleges are closed.

But as soon as public Universities student unions leadership met with President Mutharika, it is on record that Bushiri and Banda called Chancellor College students’ leader Ayuba on why he had allowed his fellow leaders to meet the president and agreed to lower the fees wit MK 50,000, a development which angered the two,  who later instructed their errand boy Ayuba to issue a statement distancing himself from the aftermaths of the meeting.

As that was not enough, Ayuba was told to make sure that his friends are convinced or have a backing from the students to have another ground to demonstrate in protest of the new resolutions with the President within five day.

After the five day ultimatum lapsed, Bushiri is said to have demanded  Ayuba and his friends to return his money or go back in the streets to demonstrate against the new fee.

However, having seen that all the efforts to influence the students to go back in the streets in riots have failed, Bushiri has gone into the public urging Unima students to rise against the government.

Writing on his facebook page, Bushiri’s spokesperson has called upon all Unima students to come back from their hibernation and return with their ‘feesmustfall’ protest.


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