Chatinkha Abused By Chakwera Thugs At Her Home

Just hours after speaking out strongly against the leadership style of Lazarus Chakwera, Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma was verbally abused by MCP thugs who drove all the way to her Nchezi mansion along the Salima Road where their initial intention was to manhandle her and ransack her home.

The thugs’ plans however did not materialize because the residence – which is dubbed White House – is heavily surrounded with an electric shock wire which is switched live every evening.

Realizing they could not break into the compound with their pangas and metal bars, the thugs started hurling insults at Chatinkha who they accused of sowing seeds of division in the party by mobilizing dissenters for a common cause.

All the time they were verbally abusing her, Chatinkha and family and family are said to have paid little attention to what was happening outside as they enjoyed a normal evening as it the case all days.

Chatinkha’s support for dissenters in the party seems to have touched the raw nerve of the MCP leadership considering that she is one of the most powerful women in the party though she was removed as a national executive member by Chakwera some months ago.

Earlier in the day Chatinkha and some 20 district chairpersons held a press briefing in Lilongwe where they accused Chakwera of being a dictator who is running the party using parallel structures.

The district chairpersons who constitute more than half of the whole district chairpersonship across the country have been fighting Chakwera for months now through open defiance and legal means.

They have been pushing through the courts to have Chakwera secede power at an emergency convention which he also must convene using his powers.

Among the many accusations leveled against him, Chakwera is accused of concentrating power within Lilongwe and Dedza districts and appointing close cronies to national executive positions that can only be legally filled through a convention.

Critics of Chakwera have however found the going tough as thugs sponsored by the pastor-cum-politician have reined terror towards anyone with dissenting views.

Just last month Jessie Kabwila’s vehicle was set on fire by the same MCP thugs who accuse her of speaking ill about Chakwera’s leadership.

Another legislator who also faces unceasing terror is Felix Jumbe who on several occasions has been roughed up for simply attending church functions or political rallies where Chakwera is also present.

Chakwera rose to the party leadership position in 2013 during a convention at which he succeeded John Zenas Ungapake Tembo.


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