Take Your Battles Where They Belong Ben Chiza, You Are Playing A losing Battle

One Ben Chiza Mkandawire must learn the etiquette of diplomacy when presenting issues that seemingly hurt both his real and ideal persona.

Facts first. An online publication Malawi Independent published an article that purports Ben Chiza’s trickery in luring rich men towards his concubine, Manganaye Kambauwa.

The article says Manganaye upon instruction from Ben Chiza deliberately courts rich men into lustful relationships with a motive of milking them out of their cash. It further reports that Ben Chiza only appears afterwards to share the spoils and enjoy the libidinous sweat of his girlfriend.

The Malawi Independent article seems to have hurt Ben so much that he has come out scathing people who are innocent and do not hold any affiliation to the publication itself.

His Facebook post explicitly attacks two innocent brothers, Dr Ben Phiri and Martin Nkasala, accusing them of being behind the article and the bankrolling of Malawi Independent.

Wisdom should have informed Ben that when under duress one has to learn the tricks of issue-isolation. He needed to refute the article first and direct all his anger towards the institution that has made those claims. In this case Malawi Independent was supposed to face the wrath of the self-styled Facebook activist.

The moment he drags in other innocent people simply vindicates the thought-line that he has a lot to hide from public display.

Malawians already know Ben Chiza Mkandawire as a ‘conman’ who uses his manhood to entice fat-pocketed women for financial gains.

His relationship with Nation Newspapers Limited (NPL) CEO Mbumba Banda was there for all Malawians to see as it looked normal the time it was taking place.

When he realized that his game had lost all elasticity he dumped the good 50 something year old woman for other equally sexually active and rich women.

What hurts Ben Chiza Mkandawire is not what anyone can do to him but what he does to his own life. For a country as interconnected as Malawi, Mr Ben Chiza should have known that he is his own worst enemy the moment he opens his zip for monetary gains.
Mr Chiza ought to remember so well that his friendship with Dr Ben Phiri is what gained him some proximity to the Presidency as such attacking someone who helped him is uncultured and impolite.

If Ben Chiza feels hurt or injured he then should take his fight to the right people, in this case Malawi Independent. In the absence of facts he should not dare mention names that might equally be injured and decide to seek legal redress.
Life in Malawi is just too huge to discuss a man of Ben Chiza’s calibre who has not proven anything to the nation besides making noise on social media and satisfying his sexual urges with older women.

They say silence is golden, more so in times like these.

Our stand remains that Ben Chiza should simply explain his side of the story without throwing aimless punches towards people who have nothing to do with trivial matters.

Mind you Dr. Ben Phiri is a busy man reading books, running his personal business affairs and determining action plans through the many academic and social papers he authors; so too is Martin Nkasala who is a government employee with a tight schedule.
Hence the two brothers cannot sink low to author personal stories let alone attend to trivial matters of this nature.

However, Mr Ben Chiza has promised the nation that he will take his battles to another level. A promise given in haste leaves anxiety in people’s minds to see how everything is going to unfold.

There you go Mr Ben Chiza Mkandawire, the nation awaits your next move as you promised. But be reminded that fights of this nature will unlikely favour you.


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