No Retreat, No Surrender : Malawi Independent Promises To Take Hyena Ben Chiza Head On

Renowned Facebook activist and Hired Hyena who chases after old and wealthy women has cried foul over an article which Malawi Independent carried out, exposing his tricks to rob rich men in Malawi using his long time concurbine, Manganaye Kambauwa.

Writing on his facebook wall, Ben Chiza Mkandawire asked people to help him trace who are behind the story which has gone viral on the social media exposing how rich men are being duped in Lilongwe and Malawi.

“I want to know who owns Malawi Independent, the names that have come up are those of my two friends Ben Phiri and Madalitso Martin Nkasala.” He wrote.

Chiza added that I have confronted Nkasala to tell me who owns these Facebook pages that are character assassinating people who have disagreed with DPP and he denied knowing of it.

“So I will take his word but with a warning. I can take down DPP myself singlehandedly, I can go after Peter Mutharika so bad you will not stop me. But I have maintained my respect for the man because of our friendship. And it will stay that way.” He added.

Chiza further stated that,your name and your brothers name continue to show up as I search for idiots writing lies and attacking innocent women I will meet you in person. Do not push me. Consider this a warning.

In the article in question which can be found on

Malawi Independent reported how Ben Chiza Mkandawire is using Manganaye Kambauwa to make money out of her by instructing her to fall for the Rich ellites in Malawi.

It is not yet known why Mr. Chiza Mkandawire has resolted to drag innocent people in his rubbish, when he knows that it was Malawi Independent which published the story, reads a story on Malawi Independent.


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