Scandalous Ralph Kamoto At It Again: Pockets MK 500 mn To Dubiously Award Terrastone A MK 6.8 Bn Contract

Kamoto at it again, MRA,PCM style
Kamoto at it again, MRA,PCM style

Malawi Energy regulatory (MERA) with the leadership of former MRA boss Ralph Kamoto is reported to have dubiously awarded a contract to Terrastone worthy  K6.8 billion without following proper procedures.

In a dramatic twist of events to cover his wrong dealings  at MERA on how he dubiously awarded this multi-billion  contract to Terrastone, Kamoto has been panicking and on rampage to smear and discredit graft bursting body chief Lucas Kondowe.

It has been learnt that MERA boss is on a mission to tarnish other high profile government officials in a quest to come out clean in a deal which has attracted the attention of Malawi’s graft body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

According to sources from MERA, the move by Kamoto raised eyebrows within the body , a development which led whistleblowers reporting the matter to ACB and later ACB reporting to  the  Malawi president who is reportedly furious with Kamoto for growing wings and taking all the powers in his hands to award a contract with such huge sums without following procedures .

Sources close to the President have confided to this reporter since told this publication that  Mutharika has since summoned Kamoto to give an explanation while the ACB is conducting its investigation to establish whether Kamoto really abused his powers by awarding this big contract single handedly.

We have established that when the ACB  received a tip off on the issue, they went to court where they obtained  a stay order so that the matter is thoroughly investigated and knowing what sort of trouble was brewing, Kamoto rushed to the Press to cover up for his back.

Ralph Kamoto wrote the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale accusing ACB director of harassment. However according to our investigations, the  truth of the matter is that Kamoto wrote the letter as cover up and used his network to smear and discredit the ACB director from moving in on him.

Kamoto is never shot of controversies, he has been accused of plunder and massive theft in almost all institutions he has been in charge namely Petroleum Control Commission, MRA and now Mera.

Reports making rounds suggest that Terrastone gave Kamoto 500 million in cash as part payment for seeing the deal through.

President Mutharika since taking office in 2014 has vowed to crackdown on corrupt officials. His public sector reform initiative has seen donors such as world bank and money lending institution IMF resuming aid to Malawi.

President Mutharika has always preached zero tolerance against corruption in both public and private sectors. His government is being credited by international community for stable financial management system a development that has seen lending institutions such as IMF and World Bank resuming aid to Malawi.


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