Malawi Leader Of Opposition  Palm Grease UMSU : Promises Them Enough  Financial Support To Fight The  Govt

Chakwera tells UMSU to be violent
Chakwera tells UMSU to be violent

MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera has promised University of Malawi students that he will continue making funds available for them to periodically vent their anger on government through violent protests.

Just yesterday Chakwera invited to his office members of Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC) and Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) where he received updates on how last week’s preparations and actual demonstrations went.

For some time now it has been investigated that Chakwera and some MCP MPs are funding university students and encouraging them to reject the recent fee hike through violence off campus.

Chakwera is said to have made available some K5 million for the campaign which seems to have been embraced by the university students.

Yesterday at the meeting Chakwera is said to have thanked the students for putting up a good show and urged them to destabilize the Prof. Peter Mutharika’s regime further. He also urged the MCP Youth Wing of both Chanco and Poly to play a leading role in inciting violence at the two campuses to achieve desired results.

On the other hand the students promised the MCP leader that as long as funds are available they will fight government tooth and nail.

It therefore does not come as a surprise that Chancellor College students rushed to the main road at University office and Matawale where they blocked the road and stoned any car that passed by. One victim of such violence was United States Second Lady, Dr Jill Biden, whose convoy enroute to Machinga was stoned by angry students forcing her to return to Blantyre.

UNIMA Council recently hiked fees so as to improve service delivery owing to the fact that the university is probably the least expensive in the SADC region according to World Bank report.


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