Chanco Lecture Kanyongolo Wants HIV+ Nsanje Hyena To Be Released , Continue His Role

Chancellor College law lecturer, Edge Kanyongolo, says it is okay for any man to sleep with an underage girl in a situation where cultural practices are to be respected.

Reacting to President’s Mutharika order to Malawi Police to arrest an HIV positive Nsanje man, Eric Aniva, who defiles young girls , Kanyongolo said the President erred by getting involved in these matters as it is out of his jurisdiction.

Kanyongolo accused President Mutharika through Nation newspaper article on Wednesday saying he abused his powers for ordering the immediate arrest of Aniva even after openly confessing in an interview with the BBC that he defiles young while knowing that he is HIV positive.

But Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale schooled Kanyongolo saying powers to arrest someone rest in the hands of the Executive, Police and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) all of which are under the jurisdiction of the President himself.

As such it is not wrong for him (the President) to give a heads up to the Police to take note of something that openly breaks the law, Kaphale added.

Aniva’s confession dejected millions of Malawians and stakeholders who are tirelessly working towards the emancipation of the girl child. Voices against Aniva’s conduct and that of many other men in Nsanje say this takes away the many achievements made over the past years to improve girl education.

Kanyongolo has been a fierce critic of the DPP-led government for reasons no one knows but he remains committed to speak evil every time a news reporter asks him for a comment concerning government policies.

Despite the negative sentiments many Malawians, governments, NGOs and CSOs have applauded President Mutharika for taking such a tough stance against the malaise that is killing the dream of thousands of girls especially in Nsanje.


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