Why Dickson Kashoti Is Bitter With DPP: His Job With PP’s The Sun Newspaper And Banthu Times Ended When DPP Kicked PP Out Of Power

Kashoti was Paid by PP regime to run their propaganda tabloids
Kashoti was Paid by PP regime to run their propaganda tabloids

It has been revealed that seasoned journalist Dickson Kashoti is bitter with ruling Democratic Progressive Party for the untimely making him loose a job which was paying him MK 120,000 as an editor of two propaganda news outlets which the past regime of Peoples Party had set, a leaked cable has revealed.

A confidential document which was sent to former President Joyce Banda, dated 16th October, 2013. File reference Number 1/1/66 has shown that Mr.Dickson Kashoti was at one point employed by the Sun Newspaper and Banthu Times  which which were  being run by tax payers money including paying for Mr. Kashoti Salary.
“ I have the honour to briefly report to Your Excellency on the progress of the Sun Newspaper and the Banthu Times.Your Excellency, I am pleased to inform You that both the two media outlets, The Sun and Banthu Times, have started gaining substantial recognition in the main cities of Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Blantyre and Zomba. Meanwhile, Newspaper Vendors have started calling the office for the paper.”States the confidential document which is in our possession.

The document further states,
On EDITORIAL, Your Excellency, we have engaged the following as editors and reporters:
Chiyembekezo Maganga -Sub Editor
Nancy Chibaya- Reporter LL
MacMillan Mhone -Reporter LL
Albert Mkandawire- Reporter Mz
Tamanda Masambuka-Reporter Bt
• Peter Chinthuli- Correspondent (Political)
• Kazembe Ngunga (Mangochi) – Correspondent (Yao)
• Steven Bombeya – Correspondent (Chichewa) (BT)

The leaked cable further states that, It should also be noted, Your Excellency, that the above mentioned editorial team feeds both papers [The Sun and Banthu]


We have Mr. Ibrahim Daudi to handle circulation and distribution of the paper as it was difficult for him to come up with stories. However, much as our readership is significantly on increase, it has been difficult to penetrate into market.


  • Vendors not paying for the copies
  • Vehicles for distribution of the paper


We have engaged Yamikani Mtonga as a Sales Executive and administrator. We still need to employ two more Sales Executives to improve on efficiency and effectiveness of the department and improve on the number of adverts.

• Vehicles to run around doing sales.
• As a new paper people/companies are not willing to give adverts hence the need of more promotion and awareness.


We started with Deguzman Kaminjolo but he was demanding too much, so we decided to engage Sylvester Katopola who is improving the paper day after the other.
Your Excellency our monthly budget requirement is K3,100, 000. This will cutter for, printing, transport and communications and salaries.

Second Half of October Requirements
Printing Cost K450,000 x 2 = K 900,000
Transport/communication = K 160,000
Salaries = K 855,000
= K1,915,000

Your Excellency our pressing needs as of now are as follows :-

  1. Vehicle
  2. Cameras
  3. Laptops / Printer
  4. Recorders

Your Excellency, as You are aware of the Scoop and The Enquirer Newspapers which come out on Fridays, I feel we share the same vision and hence giving us a potential of strengthening our agenda as we complement each other as sister papers.

The Sun is being printed at the Design Printers.
Your Excellency, though being new media outlets, both the Sun and the Banthu Times lay their emphasis on covering local politics. The two papers were also the first ones to attack Chakwera when he was enjoying good coverage from all the other papers. However, after our first attack on him, we set a new agenda on local media portfolio, and enabled the other papers to follow suit.

Your Excellency, this brief report is submitted for Your information on our progress and the Sun’s requirements for the second half of the month of October and any other directives You may wish to give me.

Dickson Kashoti took this job at a starting salary of MK 120,000 and since Peoples Party lost the elections.This made him loose the job and made him hate DPP even more.


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