Kabwila Out Of Exile After Being Whisked Away From MCP’s Rally In Salima By Chakwera Thugs


Kabwila out of hiding
Kabwila out of hiding

Vocal  Publicity Secretary  for Malawi Congress Party, Jessie Kabwila has finally come out in the open to tell  Malawians that she has been in hiding for several days  dating back to a day she was whisked away from Malawi Congress Party rally in Salima.

In an interview with one of local papers in Malawi  on Thursday, she said after being tipped by people of goodwill within Malawi Congress Party of a plot to have her harassed in Salima by thugs who she claims are under the ticket of MCP President Lazarus Chakwera, she had to be in hiding for fearing of her life.

Despite being warned that some MCP thugs hired by Chakwera to terrorize her, Kabwira did nothing to report the matter to security personnel in the country and opted to hiding at Golf Club in Lilongwe.

This is her first public appearance since being slapped away from an MCP rally in Salima together with another MCP legislator Felix Jumbe some days ago for openly challenging the establishment of Lazarus Chakwera as MCP President.

However, it does not rain but pours for the former academic freedom activist as pro-Chakwera operatives have welcomed her into town with more persecution, setting ablaze her vehicle on Wednesday night.

In a bid to minimize political damage and the embarrassment for the MCP, the NEC has issued a prepared script to Kabwila that she should use when talking to the media. Among the points written down in the media script, the MCP has instructed Kabwila to push all her calamities to the rival camp of the governing DPP.

It is not yet clear whether pro-Chakwera fans are satisfied with the former lectures’ misfortunes as her punishment for openly opposing Chakwera and according to other sources, for jointly sponsoring a press conference by Southern region MCP district chairpersons.

For now Kabwila is back in town and her party continues to play poker with her mind. They will continue victimizing her while expecting her loyalty levels to remain constant during the length of her persecution.


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