Kabwila’s Mother Harassed Hours After Daughter’s Vehicle Was Burnt; MCP Thugs Accuse Kabwila, Jumbe Of Pocketing K50 Million From DPP’s Ben Phiri

Her mother harassed by MCP operatives
Her mother harassed by MCP operatives

Just hours after Jessie Kabwila had her vehicle burnt by MCP thugs at Lilongwe Golf Club on Wednesday night, her mother was also harassed by masked men who warned her to discipline her daughter or face undisclosed fate.

According to family sources, the five thugs forced their way into the Area 36 compound and are said to have ignored the barking vicious dogs.

According to the mother, the thugs told her to warn her daughter and another her friend Jumbe (Felix) whom they accused of pocketing 25 million each from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  officials to wreck havoc in the opposition MCP.

The harassers accused Kabwila of getting the money from DPP senior official Dr Ben Phiri.

Kabwila’s mother faced the ordeal for a good 10 minutes after which the thugs rushed out of the house and sped off in a car that the Kabwilas failed to recognize.

The Salima patliamentarian has been tailed by MCP terror agents since she spoke out against Lazarus Chakwera on his style of leadership.

She has also been accused of funding a press briefing of MCP disgruntled district chairpersons who have petitioned Chakwera to call for an emergency convention where he should also relinquish his position as party leader.

Just a day after the press briefing, it is when Kabwila’s Fortuner registration number DZ 495 was torched at Lilongwe Golf Club.

Kabwila has since vowed to continue fighting for democracy within the MCP.


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