Polytechnic Concerned Students Threaten To Deal With PSU For Not Sanctioning Demos

Memo from unknown concerned students
Memo from unknown concerned students

As we reported earlier that students from the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi are planning to put Blantyre city to a stand still.

New informed emerging has indicated that some unknown students have written their fellow students promising them that they will not hesitate but also put the Poly campus to ashes if their demands are not met.

According to a document we have seen from concerned students whose identities are not yet known addressing all students at the college, this group has threaten to deal with the leadership of Polytechnic Students Union (PSU).

“Following the inhuman communication from the UNIMA council, we set the following two outcomes if we don’t hear from PSU:

  1. Boycotting and disturbing examinations for the remaining papers on Thursday and Friday.
  1. Dealing with all PSU members since they have failed to represent us”,leads part of the communication.

Some students have confided with Malawi Brief (MB) that the so called unknown concerned students are not up to any good, they are being used but they cannot see.

It is reported that the so called unknown concerned students want the PSU to call for a General Assembly from there, they are planning to let the Assembly yield nothing tangible so that they start their unsanctioned demonstration from that point and put Blantyre to a stand still.

UNIMA council hiked school fees and there has been misunderstanding between the University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) and the council on the issue as the students are saying no to fees hiking while the council has also maintained its stand to keep the fees hike.

Chancellor College was closed yesterday for security reason and it is not known when it will open.


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