Division Rocks DPP As Some Top Officials Plan To Form New Party

Information reaching Malawi Brief has shown that some top officials from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are planning to start a new political party.

According to information we have gathered, some serving cabinet ministers, National Governing Council (NGC) members and followers of the party at grassroot level have reached an advanced stage in stratergizing  the birth of the new party which is set to be operational by next year.

Sources have told Malawi brief that those who contested in parliamentary and local government primary  elections but did not succeed have been approached to join the team which is set to start this new party.

“I have been told that all those who lost in the last election or were prevented from contesting by some BIG guys in DPP are on board across the country in readiness of the new party.Our plan is to  break away from DPP with people who are loyal to these people which will make it easy for us to have structures country wide ,” said one of the people who is in the grand plan of launching the new party out of DPP.

It has been established that those who are championing for the formation of the  new party are few cabinet ministers from the Southern Region with the aide of serving DPP leadership from the central region who the the real players of this development.

The source disclosed that some of the people who have been part of the plan to form the new party includes Regional governor for the central region Dean Josaya and DPP secretary General Eclen Kudonton who are taking instruction from other people within the DPP top leadership to weaken the party.


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