Chakwera Send Thugs To Burn Kabwilas Car To Ashes For Insurbodination


Kabwira car burnt by Chakwera boys
Kabwira car burnt by Chakwera boys

Information reaching our desk has indicated that Malawi Congress Party thugs aligning to Lazarus Chakwera on Wednesday night burnt a car belonging to Jessie Kabwila as a punishment to her for sponsoring a press conference of disgruntled district chairmen in Blantyre on Tuesday.

The district chairmen from the whole Southern Region convened a press briefing yesterday at Grace Bandawe where they asked Chakwera to step down and leave the party to someone with good leadership skills.

It is believed that Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe sponsored the press briefing and this has put the two under the surveillance of party intelligence apparatus which has been following them closely wherever they go.

The thugs followed her to Lilongwe Golf Club where she frequents for a drinking spree. They set her car on fire with a petrol bomb some 10 minutes after she went into the bar.

When her car caught fire Kabwila rushed to the carpark while shouting that “anyamata a Chakwera simunditha mwachepa”. This time she was asking people to help her put out the fire using any object that was within vicinity.

The chairpersons at the briefing also complained that they are receiving death threaths from pro-Chakwera thugs who have vowed to deal with those who question his leadership.


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