Former Justice Minister -PP Legal Advisor Kasambara Accuse Opposition Of Politicizing Land Bill

Former Minister of Justice Kasambara condems the opposition for politicizing  Customary Land Bill
Former Minister of Justice Kasambara condemns the opposition for politicizing Customary Land Bill

Former Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs Raphael Kasambara has come out in the open to condemn the behavior of some parliamentarians mainly from  opposition benches in politicizing the Customary Land Bill.

Through his facebook fora, Kasambara reported that the land  bill was first introduced in Parliament by the Peoples Party led government which he worked for and he was fully supporting the bill then and now because it is good for the rural masses who have been victims of land issues by traditional leader.

However, Kasambara noted that those who were in the forefront to make sure that this bill was sent to parliament have started misinforming the Malawi nation by twisting the facts from the bill without understanding its contents for political reasons.

“It’s sad that those that were with me in Peoples Party government  are now misleading the public by condemning it( Customary Land Bill). That is treachery of highest order.”Wrote Kasambara.


Kasambara further stated that, “why are you deliberately twisting facts even before reading/understanding the bill? Are sure you people are happy to see huge chunks of customary land be sold out to big companies by a single person like the Zalewa Road situation? Let’s bring sanity to customary land administration!”He added.

Land bill seeks to protect those land owners by having free documentation for their land to avoid scenarios which have seen many people losing land in the past.

Opposition parties in parliament mainly from Peoples Party which introduced this bill and Malawi Congress Party have embarked on a campaign to tell Malawians that this bill is bad such that Chiefs will no longer have power over land.

MCP and PP further told Malawians that they will be required to pay tax for their land a development which is purely nothing but propaganda.


It is believed that  70% of land in Malawi is customary.


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