Former President Joyce Banda Faces Arrest Over Her Role In Cash gate: Warrant Issued


Time to clear her name
Time to clear her name

Reports from with the Malawi Police Service has indicated that former President Joyce Banda risk being arrested to answer cash gate related cases.

According to our sources, Joyce Banda is believed to have played a bigger role in the plundering of government resources to the tune of over  MK 500 billion during the two years she was in power.

Several convicts and suspects have linked Banda to cash gate and some of them including former Minister of Justice in her cabinet Raphael Kasambara mentioned her as one of the witnesses.

In 2013, Banda was quoted as saying she knew who shot former budget Director whose incident lead to revelations of the massive plunder which is believed to have been organised by Banda to raise money for her 2014 presidential race.

It is on record that the money which was stolen from the government pace was taken to State House where Banda used to stay between 2012 to 2014.

Banda left Malawi for South Africa in 2014 after facing election loss to opposition candidate Peter Mutharika.

It is yet known when Banda will be brought home to answer charges that have been levelled against her.



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