Protect Albinos, Calls Malawi Envoy To Mozambique

Protect Albinos
Protect Albinos

Malawian Ambassador to Mozambique Frank Viyazhi has urged people to reflect on abhorrent behavior and take action to protect people with albinism who through not a fault of their own, have turn out to be victims in the society.

Viyazhi made the remarks during prayer services to mark the 52 independence cerebrations of the Republic of Malawi on July 6, 2016 at Kaya Kwanga, Maputo.

He urged people to speak against human rights violations towards people with albinism and promote awareness about albinism condition, influence social mindset change and break up myth and provide any thought or form of assistance so that the brothers and sisters can be protected and have right to live.

“Malawi celebrates its independence anniversary, Malawi is also cerebrating the flourishing of relations between the two countries which dates pre-colonial times. We note with satisfaction the continued development of our sisterly relations,” said Viyazhi.

He said the cooperation between our two countries is based friendship and sympathy between two peoples and on respect for each other.

Viyazhi said, “Our two people’s continue to interact at various capacities, recently, our two people’s bilateral meetings at Ministerial Level in the sectors of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Industry and Trade in our joint efforts to deepen the cordial relations that already exists our friendly countries”.

He said the highlight of the two countries flourishing relations have been through the participation of Mozambique Independence Anniversary celebrations by Malawi’s President Professor Peter Mutharika.





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