Jumbe Splits Fire To Chakwera :Stop Listening To Blind Followers,Bootlickers

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy director of research Felix Jumbe has advised his party president Lazarus Chakwera to stop listening to praise singers.

“Otherwise the party will fall apart. Some people are engulfing Chakwera to victimise others,” said the Salima Central legislator on state run MBC a day after the party reshuffled him from an Agriculture parliamentary committee where he was chair.

He has been moved to Defense committee where he is an ordinary member.

Jumbe said there was a time he had a frank one to one talk with Chakwera concerning their differences.

“But this caused a multitude of anger from others who want our relationship destroyed,” said Jumbe.

He however also blamed Chakwera for the problems, saying he has himself taken a position to hate the MCP Agriculture shadow minister.

“It is normal for people to like some people and hate others,” he said.

 The party has also reshuffled him in parliamentary seating plan from the front bench of senior party leaders to the back reserved for junior party members.

“I have been moved three times in the House but the last change of seating plan came as a shock because I was not told that I would be moved so I went to my usual seat number 42 just to find another name tag so I had to walk around to find where I was allocated to seat,” he said.

MCP chief whip said he was responsible for House seating plan of the MCP bench whilst Chakwera said he was sorting out the mess in the party.



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