Giddes Chalamanda Back From America: Dream Comes True

Gidess Back from America
Gidess Back from America

Giddes Chalamanda last week fulfilled his dream of performing in America but returned home on Wednesday through Chileka International Airport in Blantyre.

Speaking to reporters on arrival Giddes said he was excited to have fulfilled his dream.

“My dream has come true. Many people should learn a lesson to aim higher in life and keep working hard,” he said.

Giddes said the American tour had receivied an overwhelming support.

Malawi Ambassador to United States of America (USA) Necton Mhura said in a statement that Giddes promoted the country at an event at the library’s Middle Eastern and African Division of Congress in Washington DC alongside Edgar ndi Davis.

Mhura said the event was held in the Whittall Pavilion and patronised by both Americans and Malawians.

“Music and dance are an integral part of Malawian life. Malawi has many traditional dances, including vimbuza, gule wamkulu and tchopa. These three traditional dances have been recognised by Unesco as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity,” said Mhura.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador added that recording the music at the Library of Congress will be an invitation to researchers and music lovers to study and enjoy unique and Malawian music.

Mhura concluded by thanking the library of congress for hosting the event and contributing to Giddes’ dream to become real.


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