Bushiri Threatens To Kill Ex-Lover For Fear Of Exposing Him To Have Killed Her Boyfriend

Bushiri want to kill ex-lover
Bushiri want to kill ex-lover

Bushiri’s long time lover   has come up in the open and accused the flamboyant prophet of wanting to kill her to cover up for his sinister motives which she knows, MB has learnt.

According to sources within the ECG, Bushiri and Taonga Gondwe had been in a steamy love relationship for a long time to the extent that, Bushiri impregnated her as well as killing his boy lover to have her for himself.

Bushiri was to marry Taonga Gondwe but opted to marry his now wife Mary Bushiri , a development which angered Taonga.

Despite being married to Mary, Bushiri kept on having sex with the girl and he was talking bad things of his wife Mary.Taonga Gondwe was recording all these conversations in which Bushiri was telling Taonga that he does not sleep with her and that the kid and the pregnancy she has now are from the holy spirit.

When Taonga was furious with the lies that Bushiri was telling her, She left South Africa for Dubai where she fall in love with another guy without the knowledge of Bushiri.

When Bushiri learnt of this, he angry and started running after her life .It is reported Bushiri told Taonga to delete all the recording but it was late as she had already kept them safe somewhere.

Bushiri is afraid that Taonga knows a lot and she is now frustrated. Posting on  her facebook page, Taonga said Bushiri must stop threatening to kill her because she is not moved and she is ready to testify against him, and even telling the world that his boyfriend was killed by Bushiri boys.

However, Taonga has challenged Bushiri that she is ready for a gallant fight and she is not afraid of the threats.

Bushiri is on a mission trying to kill the ex lover fearing that his future will be tarnished even further and if that even means Killing Taonga Gondwe. Bushiri is ready to do it in order to save his face and embarrassment.


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