Bushiri Claims To Have Resurrected Sleeping Boy With Blood Of Jesus

Bushiri awakes a sleeping boy
Bushiri awakes a sleeping boy

We call it the Miracle Tent, another place of worship within the premises of ECG, Pretoria at Show Grounds. The supernatural happened. It started as pain, nailing through the hearts of believers who sought shelter in the tent to worship God.

Everyone saw the child, dangling lifelessly in the hands of his crying Father, whose eyes were engorged with tears of incredulity. He could not swallow the pill, but death had taken over. The child was on a point of no return. He was gone. He was dead. Everyone wept. What a lacerating moment it was. The church had witnessed death scare life, guiding it to the voyage of no return. The battle for heart beat seemed lost, for once and for all because even a trained medical personnel confirmed it.

But, as it happened, in a spiritual twist of events, faith took over. Jesus spoke life over death and fired with the same faith; ECG Pastors took the Lion of Judah oil and the blood of Jesus and ministered it upon the body of the dead boy resting motionlessly in the shaking hands of his father. One miracle led to another. Slowly, he begun to cough and the heart beat was felt once more. The boy came back to life amid shouts of joy from onlookers at the Miracle Tent.

We celebrate the anointing upon Major 1 conveyed to the Lion of Judah. God is in this place and He is faithful to His servant, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri whose anointing has defeated death, not just once, but on numerous occasions. Do you believe that God can resurrect your cases, turning sorrow to happiness and unfortunates to fortunate happenings?

Keep being connected to this anointing. What’s happening here is anointing. Be willing to receive this anointing and make things happen in your life, through the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ. (Source Bushiri’s ECG Website)


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